Wretched Terminus

day 1

Needles the brainer was browsing the bazaar stalls and decided to buy a dark purple bandanna. He creeped out the stall seller but made the trade for a piece of salted meat. As he turned away, a shirtless man frothing at the mouth smashes into him, knocking over stalls in his wake.

Across the settlement Vud the battlebabe got out of his hammock by the wall, woken up by the commotion. He heads over as Needles is facing off with the frothing maniac. The man charges him and Needles reacts with his brainer powers. Sadly his stun backfires and he hits the dirt, body tingling, his brain swollen with blue balls. Vud loads his crossbow and runs from the crowd, aiming a kick at the crazy man. He misses and lands on his back. The crazy man sinks his teeth into Needles neck but fortunately Needles has leather armor on. Needles tries to jab his midsection and the crazy man bites his hand. Vud rolls over, aims his crossbow at the man, and fires point blank, punching out the man’s ribs and utterly eviscerating his internal organs. The guards come over and people start vomiting.

The hardhold’s water supply has been poisoned by an opposing hardhold they had trade disputes with. The guards tell them to get out of town. A minute later though the hardholder, an old gruff bearded man, catches up with them, and says he understand they did what they had to do. He offers to make things right if they’ll go kill the enemy Angel. The poisoned man, Zeke, was this hardhold’s Angel, so it would be an eye for an eye.

Vud and Needles agree and they head out. Upriver they find a huge carcass of some animal dripping disease into the water, clearly been dragged there by humans. They follow the tracks to the village and slog through the muddy water at the back, climbing a fence. They sneak in through the shadows behind the structures and find the Angel’s hut. They climb in the balcony and Vud threatens him with his big sword. One of the Angel’s patients comes raging through with a knife, covered in bandages, but the Angel makes him stand down. The Angel pleas for his life and says he didn’t have anything to do with it—Vud realizes he’s telling the truth. They say to get the carcass out of the river by tomorrow or they’ll come after him and kill him. They leave, and the instant they hit the ground the adjoining hardholder’s feast hall is alerted by yelling.

A bunch of drunk warriors come swarming through the hallway connected to the angel hut and start climbing down. A woman with a shaved head and a topknot leaps down with a big axe, ready to strike Needles. Needles reacts instantly with reflexive brainer magic, snapping her back with a broken nose into the wall, knocking down the person above her, leaving them tangled up. The mud spatters everywhere in a shockwave as the sky claps. Needles and Vud run like hell and disappear into the underbrush.


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